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Effects on Plants

Hartley Nature Center Long Term Monitoring Project

Mark Horlocker, Public Program Director of Hartley Nature Center, has organized a long term citizen science monitoring project of plants and earthworms. The project will continue to examine 10 x 10 m plots which are inside and outside of a new deer exclosure established in summer 2005. Three randomly located subplots (35 x 35 cm) in each plot were sampled for earthworms in fall 2005 and one randomly located subplot was sampled in fall 2006. Vegetation was sampled in each plot in summer 2006. Resampling of earthworms and plants will be ongoing.

Location: Duluth, Minnesota.
Lead Researcher:
Mark Horlocker, Hartley Nature Center
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Minnesota Zoo School

A high school class at the Minnesota Zoo School organized a project to examine the relationship between earthworms and buckthorn around Fort Snelling in 2006.

Location: Fort Snelling - St. Paul, MN
Lead Researchers:
Minnesota Zoo School Staff and Students

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